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SFCC Conducts One-Day Seminar on Covenant Theology

Updated: Mar 21

SFCC conducted a one-day seminar on Covenant Theology on Friday, February 9, 2024. This was done in keeping with our strategy of taking advantage of holidays to provide a boost in biblical learning among our members. For this seminar, we decided to open only to SFCC members instead of accommodating attendees from other churches in order to have a smaller and more focused discussion.

One of the introductory topics in the seminar is the question "Why study covenant theology?" We cited four reasons:

  1. Covenant Theology helps us see the grand sweep of salvation history. If you are a child of God, you are a part of a long story that began in eternity past with the Father establishing a salvation pact with his Son. Covenant theology helps us to see and understand our part in the overall history of redemption.

  2. Covenant Theology means that God has entered a relationship with you and your children. God does not deal with us only as individuals; our God is a God of families.

  3. Covenant Theology reminds us that God wants to see faith in you and in your children. There is more to the covenant than external privileges and legal obligations. The things signified should become, by faith, the things internalized.

  4. Covenant Theology gives us an important and necessary way of understanding God’s revelation. It helps us see how the different portions of scripture somehow relate to us.

Other topics discussed include the different covenants in reformed theology (the covenant of works, redemption and grace), a detailed overview on the different biblical covenants, the implications for the individual Christian and the church life, and a discussion on opposing views such as dispensationalism. It is our hope that through this seminar our participating members understand more deeply the richness of covenant theology and help them in their overall understanding of the scriptures especially in God's redemptive work.

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