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It Comes With A Manual!

The new employee was walking along the corridor when he saw his boss standing and looking confused in front of the paper shredder. Wanting to impress his boss he approached and asked,

"Need some help sir?".

"Yes," the boss replied. "I'm having a hard time getting this machine to work."

"I can help you with that sir."

"Alright, " the boss said. "But let me tell you that this is a very important and sensitive document, and the future of our company depends on it."

"You can trust me sir, I know how this machine works," the employee boasted. He then took the document from his boss and fed it to the paper shredder.

The boss said, "You have a bright future ahead of you young man. Now make me fifteen copies."

Results can be disastrous when we use things for purposes they are not intended for. The effects could be outright damaging or harmful, or at the very least we could miss out on the benefits of using them properly. This is especially true now as our world, and our things, get more complicated. From our television sets and DVD players, to our blenders and cellphones and computers and stereos, it has become more difficult to find out what each button is for and what functions our devices are capable of. In order to help us learn how to use them, these products usually include a manual.

Manuals help us use our things properly, take advantage of all their capabilities, and teach us how to take care and maintain our things. And what is true for our things is true for our lives as well. Our lives are given to us for a purpose. And living our lives for purposes other than what it is meant for can result to wasted and disastrous lives. Everything we have, everything that we have been given, including our health, our wealth, our talents, our time, and all our resources have been given to us for a purpose. And this purpose is not about us. It's all about God. As a potter to a clay He formed us for His pleasure. And to find direction in our lives, to find out what we are for and what we are supposed to do with these lives given us, we have to rely on our user's manual, which is also God's love letter to us.

Some have said that the word BIBLE is an acronym that stand for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. If you are confused and unsure what to do with your life, if you have tried everything and still feel unsatisfied, if you feel in yourself a longing that you cannot satisfy, if you are heartbroken or filled with questions on why the things that are happening in your life are happening, it's worth trying to open and read your bible and find out what God has planned for you. Let us not miss out on God's purposes and promises for our lives and therefore avoid a wasted life.

“I've read the last page of the Bible, it's all going to turn out all right.” - Billy Graham

SFCC offers bible studies without any fees or charges for those who are living within Las Pinas City. If you want us to help you explore the bible or engage in a bible study series please send us a message.

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